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October 20, 2006





How exciting!!! I'm so happy for you and glad to hear the doc appt. went well.


krees, i am sitting alone at my work desk crying and grinning from ear to ear... i am beyond thrilled for you and wish you the biggest well-wishes ever to be wished! (say THAT 5X fast!) give charles a hug for me!


krees, i am smiling for the two of you and your dog. i will think positive things and keep my mouth shut.

I also hope you had a beautiful, beautiful birthday.


This is not the first time that you've made me think there's hope left in the world, BvB. Particularly because you hold your head as high as you can no matter what you find on your plate. I've always admired this and should take a lesson. You deserve some straight-up joy more than anyone I know.

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